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Coldplay’s Chris Martin Talks Jay-Z, Obama, New EP

Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow (only kidding, Chris!) weighs in from Atlanta. Click here for details.

Last month, we gave you a sneak peek at former SPIN cover boys Coldplay’s forthcoming Prospekt’s March EP with a leak of their collaboration with hip-hop impresario Jay-Z. Today, a Q&A with frontman Chris Martin posted to the band’s official website offers more insight into the forthcoming record, due November 25.

According to Martin, Prospekt’s March is an opportunity to “put out those songs that we were shy about putting out” on Viva La Vida, including “heavier” tracks like “Glass of Water.” “I’m super pleased with the EP, I’ve gotta say,” Martin commented. “I think the people who’ve got Viva La Vida already like it and hopefully will like the EP because it’s from the same family, if a little more catchy… I just feel good about it.”

As for Jay-Z’s guest verse on the reworking of Viva single “Lost!”?”I love it.He’s a clever man,” Martin said.

Martin didn’t limit his comments to the band’s new material, however, and also expressed his feelings about Barack Obama’s victory. “This American tour has been fantastic because it’s just such an incredible time to be here and the audiences are in such a good mood,” Martin gushed. “It’s been like living in the middle of history.”