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Watch Now: 41 Minutes of Vintage Nirvana!


Sometimes, a casual search on YouTube yields a total gem, a discovery that makes you feel like that guy in Blood Diamond, imbued with the knowledge that the treasure you’ve unearthed is truly life-altering. That’s how we felt when we stumbled across this 41 minute Nirvana set from 1991, apparently recorded at a venue called the Moon in New Haven, Connecticut, and already viewed some 350,000 times.

Many of us never got to see Nirvana in their heyday; their career barely spanned five years, and their post-“Smells Like Teen Spirit” stint in the limelight lasted only three. But whether you witnessed the band’s live prowess or not, this clip is absolutely worth 41 minutes of your time. It reveals the trio in exemplary form — note how they don’t miss a single beat when Kurt Cobain’s guitar drops out around the 6:30 mark — and hits stride around the 17-minute point with “Drain You” and “School.” Also, revel in the completely inexplicable decision by the cameraman to take a leisurely stroll to the bar at the 25:30 mark. Jerk!

Stream this classic now, before Courtney Love gets her mitts on it and starts charging you by the minute.