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TV on the Radio Wow Brooklyn


TV on the Radio’s sold-out three-gig stint at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple came to a close last night as the band delivered the same ecstasy, artistic ambition, and sonic precision they have on their past two SPIN-approved albums.

After a set from psychedelic act Dragons of Zynth, TV on the Radio greeted a packed venue littered with Obama fliers and dove into material off their latest effort, Dear Science, as well as familiar tunes from their previous offerings, including “Young Liars,” “Staring at the Sun,” and “Wolf Like Me.”

With extra horn players (who doubled as enthusiastic hand-clappers) and a back-up singer in black fringe, frontman Tunde Adebimpe and bandmate Kyp Malone traded vocals as drummer Jaleel Bunton, bassist Gerard Smith, and guitarist/keyboard virtuoso Dave Sitek crafted intricate rhythms and thick soundscapes behind them.

Ever the showman, Adebimpe alternately clasped his hand to his chest and grasped onto his hat as he jittered across the stage and shouted his anguished melodies. While the echoing chambers of the temple stifled the sound, it couldn’t mask both the pain and bliss of Adebimpe’s far-reaching falsetto. Even the bartenders couldn’t resist bobbing behind their kegs.

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TV on the Radio / Photo by Adam Mignanelli

TV on the Radio / Photo by Adam Mignanelli

TV on the Radio / Photo by Adam Mignanelli

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