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Prodigy, ‘Product of the 80’s’ (Dirt Class)

Product of the 80’s is the Queens rapper’s second release since he’s become a product of the New York State Department ofCorrectional Services (where he’s serving three and a half years on an illegal weapons charge). Recorded in conjunction with his bleak, keyboard-laden H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 (and aided by MC running mates Un Pacino and Big Twins), this is a trip back to the 808 drum machines and crack rocks of 1980s New York. The production, largely handled by the duo Sid Roams, emphasizes “She Blinded Me With Science” synths and sparse programming, giving Prodigy plenty of room to roam, recalling dangerous forays into Brooklyn (“Cold World”) and makeshift weaponry (“Box Cutters”) with eerie nostalgia.