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Preview: Metallica to Highlight New Tunes on Tour


Fans behind the chart-topping success of Metallica’s new record, Death Magnetic, certainly have reason to be excited for the quartet’s forthcoming North American tour, as the band will be playing “a lot of new songs” from the record, drummer Lars Ulrich told

Currently rehearsing in San Francisco for the lengthy outing, which kicks off Oct. 21 in Glendale, AZ, Ulrich said, “These new songs are a lot of fun to play… Traditionally I think we’ve been a little conservative when we’ve started off with two songs, three songs [from the new album]. We’re going to hit the ground running here. We’re probably gonna learn all of them and play, I hope, at least five a night and probably rotate ’em so we get a lot of new songs in.”

And the Magnetic tunes are just one new facet to the band’s tour, explained Ulrich, who said the production will be “a completely different thing than what we’ve done before.” Featuring “a big-ass fuckin’ lighting rig… and some shit that turns on and off and some shit that blows up,” Sounds explosive!