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LCD Soundsystem Members Join New Band


Maybe it’s that Daft Punk doesn’t come around to play at his house anymore. Or maybe it’s just that, well, electronic music: He loves you, but you’re bringing him down. Either way, LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy has announced that he and drummer Pat Mahoney are playing in a new rock band with singer/songwriter Paul Sprangers and guitarist Scott Wells, formerly of Red Wing, MN, rockers Hockey Night [via].

What will they be called? “There’s this rock band [I’m in], arguing about what name they are,” Murphy said. “They’re from Minneapolis. We’ve gone back and forth for months, there’s no way to say [what the band name is].”

The new group, which Murphy says will also include contributions from members of disco-happy outfit Hercules and Love Affair, is expected to release their debut album next year via Murphy’s DFA label. “It’s a rock record, a classic rock record,” he told BBC Radio 6.

Sheesh, what’s next, Heavy D enjoying success with a new reggae label and Jay-Z stating his favorite band is the Kaiser Chiefs!?