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Juana Molina

This Argentinean singer-songwriter weaves a hypnotizing tapestry on her SPIN-approved fifth full-length, Un Dia.

What? A successful acting career doesn’t necessarily translate into triumphant musical achievement — just ask Scarlett Johansson, Juliette Lewis, Bruce Willis, and… well, you get the picture. Argentinean actress-turned-singer-songwriter Juana Molina, however, has been creating lovely strands of electro-folk since her 1996 debut, Rara. And this week, Molina pushes things further with the release of her fifth and most artistically daring full-length, Un Dia. Using patterns of disorienting melody delivered in layers of looped vocal and instrumental cues, Un Dia is an intriguing work of art from a true Renaissance woman — don’t get any ideas, Bruce.

Who? Molina began her acting career in 1988 on the Argentinean television show La Noticia Rebelde. Later, she starred in the more popular skit-based Juana y sus hermanas. After entering the music world with 1996’s Rara, Molina continued to write, produce, and perform the majority of her following full-lengths on her own.

Fun Fact: Proving that her vocal talents go beyond merely singing, Molina provided the voice of the fictional superhero Elastigirl for the Argentinean dub of the 2004 animated film The Incredibles.

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