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Hard Rock Launches New High-Powered Memorabilia Widget


Ever wanted to see the stitching in Johnny Cash’s boots, count the pickscratches in Bo Diddley’s guitar, or note how tightly Paul McCartney tunedhis E-string? Thanks to a new web-based technology from Hard Rock, fans can,for the first time, get truly up close and personal with rock’s most iconicpieces.

Powered by Microsoft’s Silverlight, the new Hard Rock memorabilia widgetdisplays the iconic objects in Hard Rock’s massive collection with ultimatedetail and immaculate clarity, thanks to a process that digitally stitchestogether over 50 photographs of each item. With the power of Silverlight,music lovers around the world can check out their favorite pieces in HardRock’s collection, minus the crowds and glass barriers.Check outthis video to learn more about Hard Rock’s newest and coolest onlinefeature, or view the widget at