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Exclusive Video and MP3 from Illinois!

Illinois' Kid Catastrophe series

Very few bands are equally comfortable with a banjo and a beat box as Illinois, and that stylistic schizophrenia led the PA-based quartet to launch their next batch of material in a rather unconventional manner. Over each of the next six months, the band will release a three-song EP and an accompanying video clip, the sum total of which will result in an 18-song, six-video package they’re calling The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe. Below, we’re offering a download of “Hang On,” the project’s first single.

“We have all these songs and ideas, so we decided we could roll out these monthly releases and show all these different sides to us, and wrap it up in this video about this kid who just don’t get it,” explains frontman Chris “Arch” Archibald.

The inspiration for the series’ title character isn’t a big stretch for Arch. “In a matter of six hours, on the day I got to LA to physically meet [the video producers] and chat about what we were actually gonna do, I got my rental car towed, with my phone in it; lost my wallet; got lost looking for my wallet; and woke up still drunk underneath a tree outside of Fatburger,” he recalls. “My music is all over the place ’cause my life is.”

Scroll down to download “Hang On,” the first single from the first EP, which is available now on iTunes.

Now Download The Song! Illinois, “Hang On”(DOWNLOAD MP3)