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Exclusive Stream: Supersuckers, “She Is Leaving”

Frontman Eddie Spaghetti reveals the origins of this crunchy power-pop tune off the band's forthcoming full-length, Get It Together, out Nov. 25.

Most songwriters will confess that some of their best ideas come from close friends and family. Case in point: Time-honored country-rockers Supersuckers’ “She Is Leaving,” a woman-done-wrong song that took root in the pen of frontman Eddie Spaghetti’s wife. “She came up with the lyrics for it one evening and I helped her put some music to it, and it just sort of grew out of the ether,” Spaghetti tells “She’ll jot things down occasionally and sometimes they’re awesome. And they can’t just be left on the page. They have to be turned into recordings.”

The heartbreaking lyrics that accompany the power-pop guitars and country swagger of “She Is Leaving” suggest a dose of marital strife between Spaghetti and his betrothed. But the rocker insists the song has a more universal theme: “It started as being a very personal song, but it turned out being for everybody that’s been in a relationship that’s hit the skids at different times. Hopefully it will survive the test of time, but you never know.” Don’t worry, Eddie: Relationships may end, but great pop songs never die!Get It Together drops November 25 via Mid-Fi.

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