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Exclusive Stream: The Bronx, “Past Lives”


The crashing drums, snarling vocals, and thrash-heavy guitars of the Bronx’s “Past Lives” are so naturally fun that the entire track sounds effortless. But as the band’s lead singer, Matt Caughthran, tells, the word effortless isn’t in his vocabulary: “My favorite thing about being in the Bronx is challenging yourself to do things you never thought you could do. Play shows you didn’t think you could play, finish tours you didn’t think you could finish, and write songs you never thought you could write.”

Fittingly, the lyrics of “Past Lives” are about overcoming personal obstacles and letting go of a tumultuous past. “I’ve struggled to carry loads of unnecessary guilt,” Caughthran states. “This song is my way of restoring confidence within myself.” One thing’s for sure: A good rock song certainly beats therapy. The Bronx drops Nov. 11 via White Drugs / Original Signal.

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