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‘Chinese Democracy’ Song Released to Radio


Get ready for some Axl! The title track for Guns N’ Roses’ decade-in-the-making album, Chinese Democracy, set for release November 23, will be sent to radio stations today. The song will be the first authorized new music released by the group in nine years. Of the 14 tracks on the album, only three have yet-to-be leaked online or performed live [via].

On the topic of the album’s much-delayed release, GNR manager Andy Gould had this to say to “Art and commerce have always made strange bedfellows. When they asked Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel, they didn’t say, ‘Can you do it in the fourth quarter?’ so they can make their numbers. Great art sometimes takes time.” Yep, sometimes over 15 years and at a cost of millions of dollars!