Chairlift, ‘Does You Inspire You?’ (Kanine)

In 2007, Chairlift moved from Colorado to Brooklyn to pursue a strangely common 21st-century dream — to create a thoroughly modern indie-pop album inspired by ’80s synth-goth kitsch. The result is the trio’s startlingly impressive debut: astute, melodic evocations of plinky new wave (“Bruises,” “Evident Utensil”) and the Cocteau Twins’ smeary dreams (“Planet Health”) that achieve a timeless emotional resonance.The lyrics can be ungainly (“The most evident utensil is none other than a pencil”? Really?), but when Caroline Polachek’s exquisite vocals pierce the fog belt of keyboards and rumbling bass on “Home Alone” and “Make Your Mind Up,” the future starts to come into focus.




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