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Ben Folds’ Death Wish Granted!


Be careful when you play with puns, Mr. Ben Folds, you just might get buried!

On his latest album Way To Normal, the hyper-literate singer-songwriter riffed on the town of Effingham, IL, playing off the locale’s moniker on the track “Effington” (he admits to misspelling the town’s name in the song). The cheeky, Seussian lyrics include, “Are they Effing in their yards / Effing in their cars / Effing in the trailers in the back roads and the parking lots of Effington?” The song ends with the lyric, “Please bury me in Effington.”

The city’s mayor has now responded to Folds’ request, cordially offering him the keys to the cemetery!

“We do have a city cemetery, so we can bury him here,” Mayor John Lange told the Los Angeles Times, adding, “I would be honored to meet Ben Folds personally and answer his question of [what] are they doing ‘effing’ in their yards, cars and anywhere else he has a question.”

Sounds like a dare to us, so cue the “Do It!” chant.