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Fall Out Boy’s Cover of Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown”

Frontman Patrick Stump records a rendition of the tune in, "like, five minutes" and lights up the Internet.

Kanye West’s new single, “Love Lockdown,” has become an Internet sensation seemingly overnight, storming both the Billboard and iTunes charts at astronomical speed. But it’s not Kanye’s version that’s burning up the web today — it’s the version recorded by lead Fall Out Boy Patrick Stump.

Now Hear This: Patrick Stump, “Love Lockdown”

At first, fans doubted that Stump had really recorded the song. But today he cleared the air. “Yeah, [the cover] is just me in GarageBand. Nothing too serious,” Stump explained to “I recorded it in the morning before work into my laptop speaker. It was in my head while I was trying to sleep, so I just went ahead and recorded it. I laid it down in, like, five minutes.”

“I’m just a fan of it,” Stump said of the song. “I hope Kanye doesn’t mind that I did it… Kanye’s version is obviously better.” Or is it…?

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