Paul Weller Fires Up New Tunes in Boston


In a packed sea of Berklee College of Music students, ponytail adorning hipsters, and homesick Brits, the legendary Jam and Style Council leader Paul Weller took to playing amped-up versions of old favorites while mostly drawing from his recent SPIN-approved release, 22 Dreams, last night in Boston.

Weller, ever the elder rock statesman, strutted around the stage with his now silver, rooster-like mullet with the cocky energy of someone half his age. Without much chitchat, the Modfather shredded through classics like “From The Floorboards Up” and “Wild Wood,” looking both sincere and sinister while lighting up multiple cigarettes on stage amidst a shadowy backdrop of purple lights. Doesn’t he know Boston’s strict non-smoking laws?!

After a blistering 14-song rundown, Weller and his crack four-piece band brought out the acoustic guitars for a brief and mellow set, including the medieval stomp of “All On A Misty Morning” and the impressive harmonies of “Brand New Start.”

Eventually, the group turned on the electricity once again for more jammy Britpop, with Weller opting for lesser known new songs and obscurities like “Picking Up Sticks” from 2000’s Heliocentric. At the end of the 20-plus-song set, Weller, always a badass, deserved the multiple standing ovations he received. Gallagher brothers, eat your hearts out.

Check out pictures from last night on page 2.

Paul Weller / Photo by Jason Bergman

Paul Weller / Photo by Jason Bergman

Paul Weller / Photo by Jason Bergman

Paul Weller / Photo by Jason Bergman


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