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Paul McCartney Reunites Fireman for New Record

Click here for details on the long-awaited third album from the upbeat Beatle's ambient side-project.

After a messy breakup and subsequent divorce proceedings from ex-model Heather Mills, bass-playing Beatle and legendary songwriter Paul McCartney has returned to his first love: music. This time, McCartney has reunited with producer and sometime collaborator Martin “Youth” Glover (of ambient outfit the Orb) as the Fireman to release their third full-length, Electric Arguments.

Out Nov. 18 via MPL/ATO, Electric Arguments, the duo’s first album since 1998’s Rushes, was recorded over thirteen days in 2007 with McCartney and Youth composing a song during the course of each day. The record is said to sound “like Arcade Fire meets Led Zeppelin,” according to a studio source quoted in British paper The Times of London. Seeing as how the Zep aren’t planning on reuniting anytime soon, we’ll take what we can get.

Electric Arguments tracklisting:
1. “Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight”
2. “Two Magpie”
3. “Sing The Changes”
4. “Traveling Light”
5. “Highway”
6. “Light From Your Lighthouse”
7. “Sun Is Shining”
8. “Dance ‘Til We’re High”
9. “Lifelong Passion”
10. “Is This Love?”
11. “Lovers In A Dream”
12. “Universal Here, Everlasting Now”
13. “Don’t Stop Running”

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