Blitzen Trapper Live at Bumbershoot


Considering Bumbershoot’s ever-expanding, eclectic lineup — not to mention other local oddities like the Green River Killer, the Sasquatch, and the Aurora Bridge’s Troll — Seattleites are certainly accustomed to a little weirdness. But when Portland, OR’s Blitzen Trapper took the stage, even the freakiest freaks below the Space Needle (and there’s plenty of them!) wondered what their pot was laced with, as the band slipped from slacker indie-pop to countrified balladry, to lumberjack prog — all in one song!

Watch the sextet — led by singer/songwriter Eric Earley — rip through “Devil’s A-Go-Go,” off their breakout LP Wild Mountain Nation. And be sure to check back to all week long for more from Bumbershoot ’08!

“Devil’s A-Go-Go”


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