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Outside Lands ’08 Video: Bon Iver


It was my first time seeing Bon Iver, and I cleared my schedule to catch their set on Outside Lands’ Presidio stage on the strength of one immensely compelling statement from a trusted source about the band’s recent two-night stand in New York: “I wept. For most of the set.” And it wasn’t because of a personal memory my friend had attached to one of Bon Iver’s admittedly heavy songs, but simply due to the songs themselves, to the elegance and passion with which they were presented.

Well, I didn’t cry while watching the Justin Vernon-led quartet yesterday. But I found myself surging up to the front of the stage, through the Presidio’s largest crowd of the entire weekend, to better soak everything in. Then I found myself singing along with thousands to the refrain of “The Wolves,” screaming, “What might have been lost,” at the top of my lungs, and making eye contact with dozens of nearby fans having similarly ecstatic responses.

If there was anything I wanted to cry about afterwards, it was the fact that I’ve missed too many Bon Iver shows already.

Click to pages two and three to watch video of Bon Iver performing “Flume” and “Lump Sum.”

>> Watch “Flume”
>> Watch “Lump Sum”

“Flume” / Video by Jason Jurgens

>> Watch “Lump Sum”

“Lump Sum” / Video by Jason Jurgens

>> Watch “Flume”