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Love is All Tear London a New One


On venerable indie-hipster nightclub White Heat’s fifth birthday last night (Aug. 5), they celebrated by inviting new kids on the block Twee As Fuck to curate their birthday party. How generous.

First on were the mesmerising Still Corners, who created a bewitching, cinematic soundscape of pure beauty, referencing Morricone, Neu! and (especially) the first Broadcast album. Drones, tones, and the voice of an angel were the order of the day here.

Norway’s best-kept secret Je Suis Animal were up next and within seconds I was in instant pop-love. On record they come over all Stereolab-go-psychedelic, but live they inject a healthy dose of punk into the mix. Thrashing at guitars and shimmying, they turned songs like the standout “Sparkle Spit” into snarling beasts, coming over like an indie-pop Sonic Youth on occasion. Even the lovely, fragile “Rousseau’s World,” a thing of bucolic beauty on wax, inspired the hipsters to form a mini-moshpit down the front.

Love Is All, predictably, then proceeded to tear Soho a new one. If you’ve ever seen them live you know exactly how infectious their patented post-punk with distorted sax rama-lama shtick can be. If you haven’t, then I suggest you do so immediately. Really. You’ll thank me.At turns reminiscent of Kleenex/Lilliput, the Slits, Life Without Buildings and (eep!) Young Soul Rebels-era Dexy’s Midnight Runners (it’s a sax thing) , they play with the kind of passionate intensity that shakes the building down to its very foundations.

No cake, no ice cream and no magician; just three amazing bands in a beautiful art-deco venue. My favorite kind of party.

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Love is All’s Nicholas Sparding howls over the keys while his bandmates make a racket. / Photo by Pavla Kopecna

Love is All’s Josephine Olausson bends down to pick up Johan Lindwall’s beat. / Photo by Pavla Kopecna

Olausson sings ever so sweetly. / Photo by Pavla Kopecna

When Love is All shimmy, they shimmy together. / Photo by Pavla Kopecna

Love is All / Photo by Pavla Kopecna