Lee “Scratch” Perry, ‘Repentance’ (Narnack)

Now in his 70s, the notoriously idiosyncratic Perry is widely considered the most important reggae producer ever, sporting a résumé that includes history- making sessions for Bob Marley, the Congos, and the Clash. Coproduced by party animalAndrew W.K. (and featuring appearances by Moby, Lightning Bolt drummer Brian Chippendale, and porn actress Sasha Grey), his 54th studio album enhances Perry’s oddball mystique, though not his legacy. Percolating tracks such as “Pum Pum” and “Chooga Cane” are more like undercooked, meandering jams than songs, mixing loose grooves and breezy synths as the profane Perry portrays a muttering old codger. Play the creepy “Baby Sucker” if you wanna scare off unwanted guests.




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