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From the Eastsport Cafe at Lollapalooza ’08: Smoking Popes

Watch Smoking Popes' Josh Caterer perform an acoustic rendition of "Stay Down," from their new LP of the same name.

This past weekend (Aug. 1-3), the masses congregated at Chicago, IL’s Grant Park for the mighty Lollapalooza festival. Thousands of avid music fans were able to catch top-notch sets by bands such as Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Wilco, Kanye West, and Rage Against the Machine, among others. caught an intimate acoustic performance by Josh Caterer of Chicago’s own pop-punk luminaries the Smoking Popes; watch video of Caterer crooning “Stay Down,” from the Popes’ new LP of the same name, live at the Eastsport Café at the Hard Rock Hotel.

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