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Clipse/Re-Up Gang

Virginia MCs Pusha T and Malice put on their loyal crew, bringing the Re-Up Gang mainstream with the fourth installment of the legendary We Got It 4 Cheap mixtape series.

What? Just when you thought the Brothers Thorton couldn’t find any more puns or variations on the word “kilo,” Clipse’s Pusha T and Malice bring in reinforcements — the imposing Ab-Live and baritone spitter Sandman– for ‘Clipse Presents: Re-Up Gang’, out Aug. 5. Remixing various verses from the ‘We Got It 4 Cheap: Vol. 3′ free mixtape and adding a host of new tracks, the fresh set ditches the minimalist beats of longtime collaborators the Neptunes in favor of flashy, synth-heavy tracks like the Scott Storch production “Fast Life,” the group’s trashiest song yet and most marketable cut since “Grindin.” Elsewhere, notably on “Re-Up Gang Intro,” Pusha takes deliberate takes shots at Lil Wayne, bravely lashing out at the year’s biggest rap star.

Who? Terrence and Gene Thorton, better known as Clipse’s Pusha T and Malice, who joined forces with Pharrell’s Neptunes crew, a partnership that resulted in hits like “Grindin” and “When the Last Time” from 2002’s ‘Lord Willin”, and even an appearance on Justin Timberlake’s first solo single “Like I Love You.” Since the long-delayed, critically acclaimed ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ saw disappointing sales, the rappers opted to hit their signature mixtape circuit hard. Capitalizing on their rep as ace writers, ‘Clipse Presents: Re-Up Gang’ has the duo teaming again with longtime associates and Philly fixtures Ab-Liva and Sandman.

Fun Fact: A turbulent relationship with former label Jive had Pusha claiming, “I guess I caught a brick according to Soundscan / The critical acclaim was that of a proud man / Prepare for the worst, that blood’s on Jive’s hands.” Now the duo are prepping their Columbia Records debut, ‘Till the Casket Drops’, for release later this year in what will be their third disc of 2008.

Now Hear This: Clipse / Re-Up Gang, “Million Dollar Corner”(DOWNLOAD MP3)

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