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Check ’em Out: Pendulum


For decades, overseas bands have hit America’s highways and byways with lofty hopes of musical success. Some find it, and others call it quits at a rest stop outside Tupelo or Akron. The latest to brave the gauntlet: Australia’s Pendulum. With their new album, In Silico, a mix of hard-rock-tinged, drum-heavy, electro bangers (check out the video for “Propane Nightmares” below), the sextet have topped the charts Down Under, in the UK, and elsewhere. There’s just one problem: “The drum and bass scene in America never really took off,” Pendulum vocalist Rob Swire admits to

The band, whose only live U.S. show to date was a slot at Coachella, spice up their former club-only sound with heavier, Linkin Park-like hooks and beats, resulting in a show that’s the talk of the blogosphere. “I’m looking forward to seeing people’s reactions to the live thing,” Swire explains. “It’s a bit of a move forward from the straight drum and bass.”

What do Pendulum hope to show curious U.S. bystanders with their maiden voyage? “Something that hasn’t been done before, which is live electronic music, but actually done live,” Swire boasts. “So much of the other electronic stuff, when it’s done live, they might be playing from a sequencer or they might have most of their tracks playing from hard disks. At the end of the day we don’t really see that as live. We’re recreating music with all the instruments.”

And Swire thinks America just might be ready: “Two years ago, I would have never said that the Euro trance sound would have worked, but when you look at what Timbaland has done incorporating that sound into his R&B stuff — it’s taken off. I think if people get introduced to it the right way it could take off.”

If Swire’s promise holds true, fans can be in for a wild ride. Decide for yourself and check out Pendulum’s “full-fucking ear assault” this fall, as the band tours from coast to coast, starting with a show at Boston’s Middle East venue Oct. 1.

Now Watch This: Pendulum, “Propane Nightmares” music video

And check out an exclusive mix the band made to honor the North American tour, aptly title “Tour of the Americas.”

Pendulum tour dates:
10/1, Boston, MA (Middle East)
10/3, Chicago, IL (House Of Blues)
10/4, Toronto, Ontario (Kool Haus)
10/5, Detroit, MI (IRock)
10/7, Milwaukee, WI (Turner Hall Ballroom)
10/9, Denver, CO (Blue Bird Theater)
10/11, Salt Lake City, UT (Murray Theater)
10/13, Los Angeles, CA (The Mayan)
10/14, San Francisco, CA (The Fillmore)
10/22, Atlanta, GA (The Loft)
10/24, Baltimore, MD (Ottobar)
10/25, New York City, NY (Webster Hall)
10/26, New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom)