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Catch the Buzz: Obi Best


Who? While Alex Lilly’s sweet, girl-next-door vocals may have once backed fellow L.A. residents and pop-devouts the Bird and the Bee, her pipes take center stage for solo project Obi Best. And Capades, Lilly’s debut album under the moniker, validates her step into the limelight. Under a sprightly, whimsical layer-cake of pianos, synths, and budget drum-machine skitters (provided by a slew of like-minded pals), Lilly’s work takes on a circus-esque, twirling quality with its animated, bubbly instrumentation and varied lyrical topics, from lovers to gardens, and beyond. And tracks like the slower, twinkling ballad “Green and White Stripes” and the Stereolab-esque “Blooms Like Flowers” show Lilly’s knack for both songwriting and setting an ethereal soundscape.

Their latest: Obi Best’s debut album, Capades, arrives digitally Aug. 25 via Social Science Recordings.

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Now Hear This: Obi Best, “Nothing Can Come Between Us”(DOWNLOAD MP3)