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Catch the Buzz: Bears


Who? Like many others in the indie-rock lexicon, this Cleveland act tapped into the animal kingdom for its moniker. But while the pool of bands sporting beastly titles grows — “Lions,” “Tigers,” “Wolves,” “Frogs,” and “Moths” oh my! — Bears’ confectionary, bubblegum sonic rooted in folky, tender hooks proves this duo is a species all their own. Headed by Craig Ramsey and Charlie McArthur (and fleshed out live with a slew of pals) Bears, whose eponymous debut dropped in 2006 followed by the Shortest Day of the Year EP, are at their best on sophomore set Simple Machinery, out Sept. 2, which offers a fine-tuned brand of orchestral, pastoral, and sunny indie-pop.

Catch Bears live this weekend for free at Pittsburgh, PA’s New American Music Union event, and be sure to check out’s video player for live footage from the Steel City.

Their latest: Simple Machinery, Bears’ sophomore set and follow up to their eponymous debut full-length, will be self-released Sept. 2.

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Now Hear This: Bears, “Wait and See”(DOWNLOAD MP3)