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New TV on the Radio Album Due September 23


It’s official! has confirmed that TV on the Radio‘s third full-length and follow up to 2006’s acclaimed set, Return to Cookie Mountain, has been titled Dear Science, and issued a Sept. 23 release date by label Interscope.

But aside from the lack of a tracklisting — or really any further details — the album begs one question: Considering the title as salutation, what exactly do the avant-garde fivesome have to say to the time-honored systematic study of life, the scholarly discipline we call “science”? has conjured a few possibilities as to the how the subsequent first line of TV on the Radio’s Dear Science, epistle would read:

Dear Science, So far our mix of post-punk, atmospheric blues, prog rock, and beyond is pretty awesome. But can you reveal the ideal recipe for sonic world domination?”

Dear Science, Quick question: Can you make an exception and let us bend your universe-defining rules just momentarily? Tunde Adebimpe won’t shut up about painting with his voice.”

Dear Science, I feel some uncanny forces around the Williamsburg, Brooklyn area. Am I confused, or is my ‘hood really the center of the universe?”

Dear Science, I can’t do this anymore. This relationship has been collapsing since the beginning. I’m sorry, but it’s over.”

Dear Science, ‘Dear God’ by XTC called. He thinks he’s better than you, but he can be a bit holier than thou.”

“Dear Science, You’re not really that weird… just… different.”

How do you think the first line of TV on the Radio’s Dear Science, letter reads? Sound off in the comment section below.