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New I’m From Barcelona Album Due Oct. 14

The Swede collective's sophomore outing, entitled Who Killed Harry Houdini? will be prefaced by the Aug. 19 release of its first single, "Paper Planes," soon to be streamable on

After the friendly handshake that was I’m From Barcelona’s aptly titled 2006 debut Let Me Introduce My Friends, the sprawling Swedish pop collective are concerning themselves with slightly darker subject matters on LP two: namely, death and mystery. Indeed, the group’s follow up, entitled Who Killed Harry Houdini? is set to hit stores Oct. 14 via Mute, with its first single, “Paper Planes,” arriving to airwaves Aug. 19 (check back in with over the next couple of days for a stream of the tune).

And the album’s title references more than bandleader Emanuel Lundgren’s interest with the legendary illusionist. It also recalls his own penchant for magic, and a failed attempt at pursuing it as a career. One thing’s for sure though: It won’t be easy for a band like I’m From Barcelona, who are comprised of more than 20 members, to pull off a decent vanishing act.

Who Killed Harry Houdini? tracklisting:

1. “Andy”
2. “Paper Planes”
3. “Headphones”
4. “Music Killed Me”
5. “Gunhild” (ft. Soko)
6. “Mingus”
7. “Ophelia”
8. “Houdini”
9. “Little Ghost”
10. “Rufus”