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New Eagles of Death Metal Video and Interview; Exclusive Album and Tour Info


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the always eccentric, Axl Rose-eviscerating Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes and his wild ‘n’ wooly band of cohorts, which of course is co-helmed by almighty Queen of the Stone Age Josh Homme. But finally, they’re ready to unveil another mammoth monument to rock. has the exclusive info on the Eagles’ newest full-length, titled Heart-On and scheduled for release Oct. 21 via Downtown Recordings. The album was produced by Josh Homme and, as his partner-in-semi-sardonic-riffage Hughes tells us, is “EODM’s latest fabulous weapon, a top-secret music missile, a sonic warhead sexually tipped for her pleasure, shot from the deck of USS EODM Mantastic Fantastic.” Tour dates across California and parts of Texas and Arizona (as listed below) will follow with co-headliners the Hives.

And for those of you East Coasters who are all, “Hey, what gives? I want me a dose of that Eagles charm and they’re not playing my Podunk town yet,” we’ve got ya covered. Click on the clip below the tour dates for Part 1 of a series of cross-promotional videos Hughes filmed at the reputedly rock ‘n’ roll Denny’s in L.A. In keeping with the album’s title, Hughes and the Denny’s cooks (chefs might be pushing it) concoct heart-shaped pancakes and breakfast sandwiches, as the band’s frontman conjures names for the menu items (“the Lovers Special”) and correlating slogans (“Every night is ladies night with Eagles of Death Metal. We put our heart right on a plate.”; “It’s a heart of rock ‘n’ roll on a sleeve of taters.”).

“Something magical happened in that Denny’s kitchen,” says Hughes. “I discovered musical arts and culinary arts are one in the same; transparent and transitionless talent across every spectrum. I’m talking a seamless creative energy force of spatial enlightenment, an atmospheric aphrodisiac of complete artistical awareness. Plus, both have the word art, which is pretty cool.”

Oh, and as for whether he might considering sending one of his Lovers Specials to old pal Rose as an olive branch, Hughes laughs and and says, “I don’t think a $2.99 Denny’s breakfast messengered to Malibu would come across as a peace offering in this case… It’s a positive thought. I love the idea. Friend-effective is relative to every situation… If he ain’t looking for my friendship, I ain’t looking to pursue friendship. Our friends, family, and fans are the backbone of EODM support and solidarity. Friendship is from the Heart.”

For Part 2 of Hughes finding ways for his heart to go pitter-batter, come back tomorrow.

Eagles of Death Metal Tour Dates (w/ the Hives:

9/16, Austin, TX (Stubbs)
9/17, Dallas, TX (House of Blues)
9/19, Tempe, AZ (Marquee Theatre)
9/20, San Diego, CA (Gas Light District)
9/21, Anaheim, CA (the Grove)
9/22, Ventura, CA (Ventura Theatre)
9/23, San Francisco, CA (Warfield Theatre)
9/24, Los Angeles, CA (Mayan)
9/25, Los Angeles, CA (Mayan)

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