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Metallica Prep Box Set of New Album


After appeasing hardcore fans bursting in anticipation of the band’s “hardcore” and “nutty” ninth studio album by slating a title (Death Magnetic) and tentative release date (sometime in September), Metallica have another treat for their most devout: a box set of the new record — dubbed the “coffin box” — featuring a CD of demos, a DVD documenting its creation, a T-shirt, flag, guitar picks, and a poster.

And there’s more: Fans will be able to snatch up a special edition via the band’s website, which arrives with a code redeemable for a download of a “special European show happening in September,” reports.

Check back to for further updates on the album’s release date, and in the meantime watch a backstage video interview with Lars Ulrich at the band’s Los Angeles benefit gig, plus footage of Metallica’s headlining set at Bonnaroo ’08.