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Live Footage from Inside ‘VH1 Rock Honors: The Who’


This past Wednesday, premiered its interview footage from the red carpet outside the VH1 Rock Honors tribute to the Who, featuring our man Ben Lashes unleashing shenanigans on everyone from Wayne Coyne to Pete Townshend. We also gave you a glimpse into the post-event After-Party, where well-knowns hob-nobbed and exchanged fond memories of getting drunk and emulating Keith Moon by blowing up their Rock Band drum kits.

And now we’d love for you to see what happened in between — the meat in the Who’s celebratory sandwich if you will. So if you haven’t already happened across them or your TiVo malfunctioned during last night’s broadcast, enjoy these clips of full performances from the evening’s participants (and head to the program’s web page for more):

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The Flaming Lips, Tommy Medleyed>

Tenacious D, “Squeeze Box”ed>

Pearl Jam, “Love Reign O’er Me”ed>

Foo Fighters, “Young Man Blues”ed>

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