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Join Spin’s Team at Bumbershoot ’08!


Attention aspiring video editors, cameramen, and VJs! Spin is seeking an up-and-coming talent to act as a member of our crew, interviewing and filming bands at Seattle’s marquee event, the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival, featuring performances from Beck, Stone Temple Pilots, Neko Case, and many more.

To enter, record a two-minute video blog about a band in your hometown, demonstrating your on-camera skills in an interview with the local artist. The submission should also contain a live performance, and will be judged on camera work, integrity of the interview, and the interviewer’s ability to keep their inner groupie in check. In addition, all applicants must multi-task, acting as the interviewer, camera operator, and editor.

Grab a camera and chat up a local band — you could be headed backstage at Bumbershoot ’08!

Enter to win here!