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Exclusive Video: In the Studio with Bayside


Last week,’s Peter Gaston visited Santa Monica, CA’s Red Bull Studios to meet up with the members of Bayside as they marched through the recording process for their upcoming record, Shudder, which arrives Sept. 30.

In the two clips below, frontman Anthony Raneri shares rough mixes of introspective cut “What and What Not” and the more up-tempo, rockabilly-flavored anthem “A Call to Arms.” Get an exclusive sneak preview of the new album, and watch Raneri discuss the genesis of each song.

Check back to next week for Anthony’s behind-the-scenes tour of Red Bull Studios.

Now Watch This:
“What and What Not”
“A Call to Arms”

“What and What Not”

Watch “A Call to Arms” on page 3.

“A Call to Arms”

Watch “What and What Not” on page 2.