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Exclusive: New Verve Cover Art Revealed


It seems 2008 is destined to be the year the Brits take back rock radio. Following the critical and commercial smash of SPIN July cover boys Coldplay’s Viva La Vida, Richard Ashcroft, Simon Jones, Nick McCabe, and Peter Salisbury are just about ready to regale us with Forth, the appropriately — if ironically spelled — titled album arriving Aug. 19 via the band’s (also matter-of-factly christened) imprint, On Your Own. And while the hungry throngs have heard their recently premiered, transcendent new single, “Love Is Noise”, not a soul has seen the equally luminous cover art. Here it is:

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The above image, shot by Uwe Duettmann and designed for cover-readiness by Studio Fury, will grace the reunited quartet’s first effort together in over a decade. And as indicated in the heavenly photo, the sky might well be the limit for how the record wins over long-suffering loyalists. If “Love Is Noise” is any indication though, we will all be shouting “Viva La Verve!” during the dog days of summer.

Forth tracklisting:

1. Sit And Wonder
2. Love Is Noise
3. Rather Be
4. Judas
5. Numbness
6. I See Houses
7. Noise Epic
8. Valium Skies
9. Columbo
10. Appalachian Springs