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Exclusive: New Ten Kens MP3


Just in time to shake things up a bit for the coming autumn, eclectic Toronto rockers Ten Kens have announced a September 23 release date for their self-titled debut album on FatCat. Recorded in Montreal with producer Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Destroyer, Pretty Girls Make Graves), Ten Kens is the result of more than a year of laborious, near-hermetic songwriting toil by founding duo Dean Tzenos (guitar) and Dan Workman (vocals), before adding current members Lee Stringle (drums) and Ryan Rountree (bass).

An exclusive cut from the forthcoming record, “Your Kids Will Know” (DOWNLOAD MP3) is available for exclusive download through The track’s droney verse structure and chaotic, tribal chorus create an unsettling juxtaposition that should enrapture fans of similarly minded bands No Age and Liars.

But since they’re relatively new to many ears (despite forming five years ago), we asked the Canadian quartet — none of whom, you may have noticed, are named Ken — to reveal a bit about themselves by naming their 10 favorite Kens (or rather nine Kens, and one Kent):

1.Ken (of by By Request Only notoriety, right)
2.Kenny Loggins
3.Kenny Rogers
4.Record-setting surfer Ken Bradshaw
5.Kenneth Lay, Enron
6.Kenny McCormick, South Park
7.Ken, Street Fighter
8.Montreal Canadiens goaltender Ken Dryden
9.Kenny Baker, R2D2
10.Kent Brockman, The Simpsons

Ten Kens tracklisting:

1. Bear Fight
2. Downcome Home
3. Refined
4. Y’all Come Back Now
5. Spanish Fly
6. The Alternate Biker
7. Prodigal Sum
8. Worthless Oversimplified Ideas
9. The Whore of Revelation
10. Your Kids Will Know
11. I Really Hope You Get To Retire