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Exclusive: New Gang Gang Dance MP3


After three years of doubtless mad-scientist studio mastery, Gang Gang Dance are ready to tease their new studio project, Saint Dymphna, which will see the dark of the dance floor on Oct. 21 via the Social Registry.

Stressing the Dance in their moniker, the New York avant-group and favorite of the gallery set are strapping their Eno drone to a pulsing rush of electronics and a backbeat on the album’s first single, “House Jam.” Essentially plastering their mission like an e-billboard across the Interweb, GGD have revealed the track in two remixed forms by Hot Chip and XXXChange, but only is delivering the unfettered original in all its tribal, abum-version glory. If you can break the spell of the soft primal chants, peep the proggy guitar lead stuttering with delay, but just don’t stop dipping to the click clock drums.

Now Hear This: Gang Gang Dance, “House Jam”