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Download New Dungen MP3 Here, Read Chat With Frontman Gustav Ejstes


As reported on two days ago,September 30 sees the release of Dungen’s 4, the fourth studio LP and second Kemado effort for everyone’s favorite Swedish purveyors of throwback sounds.

After taking an advance listen to the record, we offered up our prevailing thoughts about the group’s most well-rounded opus to date, with the open-ended promise that frontman Gustav Ejstes himself would respond with his a checklist of things he experienced in the studio that helped inspire him while writing and recording 4.

But what we didn’t mention (we’re so sneaky) was that we’d also be giving you the chance to download the lead track from the album. So click here to check out “Sätt Att Se.”

And here’s four crucial elements that Ejstes says assisted him in hunkering down to scratch out another masterpiece (he was presumably too exhausted from all that musical mastery to muster a fifth to fully complement our list):

1.“I worked at [the] Owe Helges house painting company in Alstermo, Sweden during the last summer and fall. Bodywork is good for the creativity and gives one a sober perspective.”

2.“Three and a half years ago I got a DJ mixer from [music producer] Johan Kugelberg. Since then I have practiced record-player music every day with emphasis on hip-hop, club mixing, beat-juggle and scratch.”

3.“I have stayed in Stockholm and Alstermo, Sweden, in equal parts. Change of ones environment affects the music.”

4.”I have been producing music with Anna Järvinen, a female pop singer with a personal expression that has been inspiring in many ways.”

4 tracklisting:

1. Sätt Att Se
2. Målerås Finest
3. Det Tar Tid
4. Samtidigt 1
5. Ingenting Är Sig Likt
6. Fredag
7. Finns Det Någon Möjlighet
8. Mina Damer och Fasaner
9. Samtidigt 2
10. Bandhagen

Now Hear This:“Sätt Att Se” (DOWNLOAD MP3)