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Chicago Headbangs With Helmet

Page Hamilton and his thinking men of metal muscle through material from the early '90s glory days.

Though some diehard fans would scoff at the present-day, ever-rotating lineup known as Helmet, the veterans made like a G ‘N R reunion tour and inspired droves to flock into the Double Door last night (July 24) in support of their highbrow headbangery.

Always one to be praised for careening through strident, staccato guitar exchanges whilst still cookie-monstering actual lyrical wit, Page Hamilton was visibly wowing himself with tunes pulled from the band’s 19-year catalog, as bandmates literally never missed a note; rockery that equally pleased the mostly 30-year-old dudes blessed with a chance to relive times of metal’s recent past.

Tales about mastering ones angst (“Ironhead”) and deteriorating envy (“Blacktop”) from the group’s first two LPs invoked mass hair-whips, with fans in the front row clutching the stage like a bench-press, pumping out emotions with every furious rhythmic syncopation.

Hamilton closed the evening with a joke: “It starts off in 5/4.Is that confusing?” asked the brain of the New York outfit before capping with their monster one-time single “In The Meantime,” pausing with a smirk before readdressing the crowd’s “hell no,” by responding, “Good, ’cause we’re math rock.”Check out photos from last night on page 2

Helmet founder and vocalist/guitarist Page Hamilton / Photo by Alexis Wilson-Castaldi

Hamilton leans into it. / Photo by Alexis Wilson-Castaldi

Hamilton leads his latest band of cohorts through one of their classics. / Photo by Alexis Wilson-Castaldi

Hamilton in deep focus. / Photo by Alexis Wilson-Castaldi

Hamilton shreds through a presumable crowd-pleaser. / Photo by Alexis Wilson-Castaldi

Helmet, working up a sweat mid-set. / Photo by Alexis Wilson-Castaldi

Bassist Jon Fuller fills in the gaps. / Photo by Alexis Wilson-Castaldi

Hamilton puts his pedals to the metal. / Photo by Alexis Wilson-Castaldi