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Catch the Buzz: Wakey!Wakey!


Who? Driven by a stern piano bounce — courtesy of frontman Mike Grubbs — indie-pop-on-Mozart quintet Wakey!Wakey! are quickly becoming the talk of the Big Apple with rhythm-heavy, heartfelt ballads, and — most notably — Grubbs’ striking Top 40 pipes. With an audience that ranges easily from wet-eyed punk rockers to stay-at-home moms, Wakey!Wakey! merge old and new, downcast classical renderings and indie rock pop-smarts — and formulate a dynamic sound all their own. Download a live rendition of “Fallin’ Apart” below.

Their latest: 2007’s live album Silent As a Movie. Soon after, the outfit recorded a series of covers for download on their website. Currently, the band are recording an EP for a tentative fall release.

Recommended if you like… Ben Folds, the Velvet Teen, Rufus Wainwright

Now Hear This: Wakey!Wakey! (DOWNLOAD MP3)