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Catch the Buzz: Low vs. Diamond

On their eponymous debut, out tomorrow (July 22), this Los Angeles-based quintet explore the ether between Britpop's atmospherics and ballads, and American-bred rock 'n' roll.

Who? Reportedly named for drummer Howie Diamond’s infighting with an ex-member’s girlfriend who was nicknamed “Low,” this Los Angeles-based quintet — led by frontman Lucas Field — bridge the vast Atlantic ocean, combining the dazzling sparks and anthemic craft of Britpop mainstays with the driving, sharp stylings of America’s indie rock elite. Honed on loose jams at the University of Colorado where Diamond, Field, and keyboardist Tad Moore first met, the band, rounded out by Anthony Polcino (guitar) and Jon Pancoast (bass), are now gearing up for the big time, riding on the fist-pumping splendor of lyrically melancholic yet larger-than-life cuts like “Heart Attack.” Download the tune below.

Their latest: Low vs. Diamond, the quintet’s debut full-length and follow up to 2007’s EP, Life After Love, drops tomorrow (July 22) via Epic.

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Now Hear This: “Heart Attack” (DOWNLOAD MP3)