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Catch the Buzz: Ed Laurie


Who? With a globetrotting mindset and passport stamps spanning from eastern Europe to Brazil, Brit-born singer/songwriter Ed Laurie filters distinct cultural flavors through six nylon strings while heeding contemporary craft, pop fare, and British songwriting icons: Imagine psych-folk legend Donovan cutting a record with Jose Gonzalez atop Spain’s Pyrenees mountain range. Delicate and entrancing, Laurie’s gypsy-like tunes also see harrowing lyrical narratives paced at a solemn yet folky canter, plus the inclusion of clarinet, cello, and — at times — drums. A magical and transcendent trip to say the least.

Their latest: Seven-song set Meanwhile In the Park, which, thanks to supporters at Apple, was previously available only via iTunes. This September, the album will arrive to all online outlets and finally at conventional record stores Oct. 7.

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