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Brazilian Girls

Eccentric trio celebrate their hometown with yet another bash on New York City, the outfit's third full-length, due Aug. 5.

What? No, they’re not Brazilian, and only one of the members is actually female, but then again, NYC’s schizo-phonic Brazilian Girls have always strove to be anything but themselves. Between the down-tempo lounge excursions of 2005’s self-titled debut and the threatening house-driven atmospheres of 2006’s Talk to La Bomb, the Girls’ sonic designs are as interchangeably — and irresistibly — garish as their stage getups can often be. And this week, the trio return with the simplistically titled but no less daring New York City, which dips its feet into dark tropicalia, overcast soundscapes, and old-fashioned cabaret — and that’s not even half the record. Download the pop-psychedelia of single “Good Time” below.

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Who? Originally a quartet comprised of Sabina Sciubba (vocals), Didi Gutman (keyboards), Aaron Johnston (drums), and Jesse Murphy (bass), Brazilian Girls formed in 2003 after an impromptu jam session at a New York club. Since signing to legendary jazz label Verve in 2005, the Girls have released three full-lengths — including New York City — while establishing a reputation as one of the Big Apple’s premier live acts. Currently, the group is made up of Sciubba, Gutman, and Johnston; Murphy has taken a hiatus from the band’s activities to work on his solo project, Sounds for Your Hounds. Check out exclusive video of Murphy unveiling new material for at Coachella ’08 here.

Fun Fact: Sabina Sciubba is the daughter of Italian and German parents and was raised to speak German, Spanish, French, and Italian (as well as English) — just not Portuguese, Brazil’s native tongue.

Now Hear This: “Good Time”(DOWNLOAD MP3)