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SPIN’s Week in Review, June 23-27


It’s one thing when the Empire strikes back, but wait till you get a load of Kanye’s rebuttal to the Bonnaroo scuttlebutt. But West was just one of may artists who made the week memorable, as you will read below.

What we learned from Amy Winehouse: Stop inhaling nicotine — immediately. Or at least lay off the crack! As reported on earlier in the week, the beehived damsel in distress has been diagnosed with emphysema and an irregular heartbeat, and her doctors are urging her to cease smoking, or else potentially face the Grim Reaper. So what did Amy promptly do? Get caught with a cigarette by the paps before the week was even out. Shocker!

What we learned from Paul Weller: Performing in every Midwest dive when you’re one of your country’s most revered rock stars simply isn’t necessary. In our July issue, the Style-ish one-time Jam bandleader confesses that there’s “no point in me traveling to Armadillo, or wherever the fuck it is, and playing to just 300 people. I may as well just throw money away.” However, he does recognize the value — even with the dollar weaker than the aforementioned Amy’s lung capacity — in hitting up America’s larger metropolitan markets. For a rundown of his scant U.S. tour dates, click here. And to read Weller’s interview in full, visit your local newsstand or check out our digital edition.

More highlights from this week…

Video: Weezer Cover Radiohead’s ‘Creep,’ Jam With Fans in S.F. Check out video footage of Weezer bassist Scott Shriner leading fans through Radiohead’s hit “Creep,” which he dedicated to Major Donovan, his onetime superior officer, before handing the limelight over to Cuomo for a version of “Beverly Hills.”
Video: Pearl Jam Tour Update: Camden, NJ and Washington, DC. Debuting no less than seven songs for the first time on this tour, the band opened the set with hard-hitting rockers “Severed Hand,” “Brain of J,” and “Animal.” Our video blogger and Pearl Jam aficionado Zack Newman reports.
New Common Market MP3. “Tobacco Road” is more than some token paean to his humble youth meant to balance unabashed odes to braggadoccio.

Silver Jews Unveil Fall Tour. In the past, David Berman refused to perform live before finally relenting in 2006, and the sheer length of this tour alone suggests the troubadour is now more comfortable in his leading position than ever before.”
Kanye West Finally Addresses Bonnaroo Incident. “They tried to give me a time slot where it was still light outside,” he blogged about his Bonnaroo experience. “I have a fucking light show dumb ass. It’s not called Glow in the Dark for no reason squid brains!”
Bruce Springsteen, Liars, Spiritualized Cover Suicide. A six-disc box set culling 13 full live sets from Suicide, aptly entitled Live 1977/78, is planned for release this summer, though a specific date has yet to be announced.
Coldplay’s Viva, La Vida! Tops Charts! The verdict is in: Brit quartet Coldplay — on the cover of Spin’s July issue — have won over fans nationwide with their excellent new record Viva La Vida, selling an unparalleled 720,000 copies and landing atop the Billboard Top 200 with authority.

Virgin Mobile Fest Goes Green