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The Road to Bonnaroo brings 42 feet of recreational vehicle to Manchester, Tennessee, as Bonnaroo approaches.

Hot showers. Non-grilled meals. Reliable mobile phone service. A regular place to sleep each night. These are things I’ve left at home once again as I embed myself at Bonnaroo, the massive, 80,000-strong musical gathering in Manchester, Tennessee, which kicks off Thursday. After a flight from NYC to Atlanta and a 30-minute cab ride, we arrived at Great Escapes, an RV rental facility where our new portable condo awaited, all 42-feet of mobile-livin’ glory.

Now we’re parked in a Holiday Inn lot, just feet from Bonnaroo’s doorstep, waiting to move in and get settled to bring you our annual array of backstage coverage from the festival. While we get cozy for the night, here’s a little taste of our travels today: