New Notwist Video: “Where in This World”


The arty and vague collide in this unsettling, cinematic music video for German indie rock and lap-pop act the Notwist‘s “Where in This World,” a tune off their new album The Devil, You + Me.

With a jarring intro, the track’s sparse blips, blops, and distant digi-fuzz is accompanied by a disturbing visual dream sequence, which unfolds into a tale of a backwoods-dwelling man and a woman building a flying machine, evidently in an attempt to escape their rural solitude.

“There’s no escape from this certain place,” Markus Acher sings over softlybubbling beats and orchestral flourishes, as the couple build and rebuild aircrafts to lift off into the skies. Flight pioneers the Wright Brothers most likely experienced more failures in their attempts, but certainly lacked the excellent and simply downright depressing soundtrack.The Devil, You + Me is out now on Domino.

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The Notwist, “Where in This World”

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