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New Guns N’ Roses Tunes Leak?

Nine "mastered" tracks from Axl Rose's long-in-the-making set Chinese Democracy reportedly leak. Odd, considering we reviewed the album three years ago. Okay, not really.

Yesterday (June 18), like so many days before it, was chock full of hoopla surrounding Guns N’ Roses’ fourteen-years-in-the-making opus Chinese Democracy, as nine tracks, including “IRS,” “There Was a Time,” and “Rhiad and the Bedouins,” supposedly hit the web on

While the songs have been removed thanks to a cease and desist letter from the band’s label, G’N’R fans, haters, and bloggers are scouring the web in search of the tracks — perhaps awaiting the arrival of their free can of Dr. Pepper.

Search no more, ye Internet mouse chasers: Spin has already written the album review — in 2005! Okay, so it was an April Fool’s joke in our April 2005 issue, but we still think it was pretty genius. Click here to read Chuck Klosterman’s fake take on Chinese Democracy.

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