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New Albert Hammond Jr. MP3: “GfC”

Albert Hammond Jr. / Photo by Lane Coder

By all published accounts, the Strokes haven’t even begun to work on their fourth album, but devout fans are offered one hell of a conciliation prize: Albert Hammond Jr.’s solo material. And “GfC,” a tune off his forthcoming sophomore set ¿Cómo Te Llama?, out July 8, will certainly ease the potentially long wait.

With unadorned, meat and potatoes instrumentation, “GfC” opens with starry guitar twinkles, which segue into pop-smart slashes and hip-shaking bass, and soon, an all out chorus in which Hammond Jr. stretches his vocals like never before. A sliding mess of Beatles “White Album”-like guitars seal the deal.

If only waiting was always this much fun.

Now Hear This: “GfC” (DOWNLOAD MP3)