Katy Perry, ‘One of the Boys’ (Capitol)

“Ur So Gay,” the breakout pop single by this former gospel prodigy, has been getting some big gay hype online because it perfectly captures the hipster zeitgeist of 2008 Los Angeles — a trendy indie-rock mind-set with no discernible message, just a bleating electroclash soundtrack and a closet full of fey neon pants. When Perry wittily eviscerates an ex-boyfriend (“You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys”) over a brassy, hiccupping beat, it’s momentarily novel, but soon the song wears as thin as her man. The rest of the album plods with formulaic, hormone-heavy Kelly Clarkson outtakes, or perhaps Liz Phair during her bleak, sparkly descent. Exile in Gayville it ain’t.




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