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Kanye West’s Bonnaroo Debacle


Since its initial announcement, Kanye West’s Bonnaroo headlining set has been troublesome to fans. West’s slot, originally set for the Which Stage earlier in the day, was moved to the main What Stage at 2:45 A.M., reportedly to bolster his Glow in the Dark light show. But early this morning, as tens of thousands of fans amassed in preparation for the much-anticipated gig, Kanye was nowhere to be found, and his most devout waited, and waited, and waited

Finally, after heckles and — as one concertgoer states — plenty of refuse being thrown onstage, West finally emerged more than two-hours late — just before the sun began to rise. In the aftermath, chatter of West’s show and — more notably — his disrespect for his fans, has spread like wildfire. And while some affirm the performance was worth the wait, most Bonnaroovians are upset, and for good reason.

“Many people paid money to go to this Bonnaroo festival just to see you, you’ve got to respect that!” said Evan, a Bonnaroo concertgoer addressing West. “It was the biggest disappointment of the entire Bonnaroo concert.”

What happened? Let the fans explain: