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Off He Goes: A Pearl Jam Fan’s Journey Begins


Earlier this week, our young, fresh-from-college reporter Zack Newman packed his bags and hit the road, following Pearl Jam’s North American tour from city to city with nothing to guide him but a tour itinerary, his wits, and pair of tickets to each show.

After catching Eddie Vedder and co.’s gig last night at West Palm Beach, FL’s Cruzan Amphitheatre, Newman hit the road for to tonight’s gig in Tampa, FL. Tomorrow morning, ride permitting, he’ll head north to join us here at Bonnaroo for Pearl Jam’s headlining set Saturday night.

Here’s a synopsis from the past 24 hours in his own words:

“The solo from ‘Alive’ was excellent — Mike [walked over to the side of the stage and soloed in front of one of pearl jam’s big surfboard crosses. Ed came over with his wine bottle and hung out while Mike went back to the main stage, and everyone over on stage-right was screaming like 14-year-old girls for the Beatles in 1964.

“I am getting from show to show my hooking up with people I’ve met online in the fan forums. Some are mothers and daughters, some are friends from Costa Rica, others were introduced to me through other people I’ve met online.

“They all speak of a Pearl Jam community, fans looking out for fans to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the music, because after all, life is short and music is beautiful, so we have to soak it up as much as we can.”

Watch Zack meet up with his Costa Rican ride to Bonnaroo in Tampa below, and click the “Shows” tab to browse more videos.